A diagnostic campaign

In 2006 in collaboration with different institutions a pilot investigation was launched to both, examine the possibility of recovering the original decoration of the Sala delle Asse and to understand the causes of the deterioration of the paintings. The studies of the decorations were accompanied by chemical analyses, photographic diagnoses and cleaning tests. It was determined that the entire decorated surface had been subjected to considerable saline pollution, causing irreparable damage.

Analyses carried out on what are considered to be original 15th century samples of plaster from the ceiling, have shown the same composition as samples taken from the monochrome segments on the north and west walls, which show consistency both in terms of dating and method of execution.

During the restoration campaign the four commemorative plaques with golden inscriptions placed at the centre of each side of the vault were also analysed. The complete replacement of the plaque on the south side was confirmed, while the plaque on the west was found to carry an original light blue pigment and pinkish white preparatory coat. The plaques on the eastern and northern sides still retain the original plaster.